Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What Are People Saying About Sparky Sparrow?

Lyn from England writes that she "Enjoyed the story!" She went on to say, "Hi Sparky Sparrow, greetings from England. I just downloaded your story and liked it so much I am going to send it to my little grandchildren who live in Pennsylvania. I remember my father telling me his own special stories when I was young too, it's lovely to remember that. Thanks!" Well thank you Lyn for taking the time to write. I am hoping Sparky Sparrow will be a success for the specific reason you liked them, many of us seem to have fond memories of made up stories from our parents. They are as unique as people and just as memorable. And those who don't have the luck of these kinds of warm memories? Well Sparky Sparrow is freely available for them to download and create their own memories.

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