Sunday, August 12, 2007

What's Next for Sparky Sparrow?

A few readers have asked "What's next for Sparky Sparrow?" Well, Sparky has many friends and from our family lore has had many adventures. Sparky Sparrow stories often had a spooky twist and were even told around campfires in Northern Maine and the Canadian Maritime when we were growing up. But the spooky stories will have to wait although my now five year old daughter asks repeatedly for the spooky ones. Up next for Sparky will be an adventure with his Best Friend Forever (BFF) Old Man Owl. Sparky and Owl will be teaming up to take on the grumpy old willow tree down by the river. This will take Sparky further afield than he has ever been but don't worry, he will always make it back in time for dinner. And I'm sure there will be a few butterfly wing sandwiches with worm jelly being served up along the way. Stay tuned!

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